The difference between online and land-based slots

The difference between online and land-based slots

The lights, the sounds, the excitement in the air… land-based slot machines definitely offer a certain appeal but are quickly being replaced with online slots, primarily due to their convenience and sheer variety. Whilst land-cased casinos can only house a limited number of machines, digital options are seemingly infinite.

But is that the only difference between online and land-based slots? Does the variety really make a difference? What are the other differences and how do they affect gameplay? We explore these questions to find out if there’s more to it than just lots of slots…


While classic three-reel slot machines dot the floor of traditional casinos, online and mobile casino games offer slightly more eclectic variations. Examples of these include, ‘Mermaids Millions’, a five-reel, fifteen-line slot game set in a magical deep-sea world; and ‘Game of Thrones’, which allows players to immerse themselves in a world of battles and dragons – made even more engaging by an attractive free spins bonus feature.

Besides the variety of themes, digital counterparts offer a larger scope in terms of type of slot machine games available. Multi-reel (as opposed to the classic three-reel) and multi-payline options certainly aid in making the game more interesting. Different types of payouts for different symbol combinations and progressive slots, where the jackpot grows until somebody wins, provide greater incentives for continual play.


In addition to sheer variety, online slot machines also offer far more control. Players are able to moderate noise levels to minimise distractions and can avoid having to queue for preferred games. Playing from the comfort of a home computer, or better yet, your smartphone, offers unparalleled comfort and convenience. Online games also allow you to control the speed of play, as well as your betting amount. Thus, the digital experience can be optimised for your specific needs in order to maximise enjoyment accordingly.

In addition, online slots offer far more control in that you are able to practise as much as you like. Many online and mobile casino games come with trial modes, demos and free applications. Casino bonuses and promotions further reduce the barriers of entry and offer attractive incentives for play.

The Physical Experience

It takes a lot for the physical act of playing slot machines in a traditional casino to be rivalled. Besides the tactile – the lights, the sounds and the excitement – some machines still offer better visual effects and a truly three-dimensional experience. However, digital options are quickly catching up, and the development of virtual reality in gaming is certainly a space to watch.

Besides the points mentioned above, there are no physical advantages to playing online versus land-based slot machines. The mechanism used in physical slots works in much the same way that algorithms or random number generators do. There is no evidence to suggest that players have a greater chance of winning on either type of slot, so from a purely statistical point of view, the difference between the two is null and void.


While physical slot machines offer ambience, excitement and (sometimes) better visual effects, their digital counterparts offer far greater variety, control and convenience. At the end of the day, though there are many differences between the two, the advantages of each come down to preference. Whether you choose land-based or online casinos, there’s definitely more to it than just lots of slots.

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