Best Casino Deposit Methods

Best Casino Deposit Methods

Casino deposit

There is a huge range of deposit methods that online casinos can use, but all in all, it just ends up a bit confusing. With that in mind and knowing our UK customers well we only employ 2 types of deposit method. It keeps things simple and covers all our players, but which is best, the fastest and the most convenient? Let’s take a look.

  1. E-Wallets: Skrill and NETeller
  2. Debt, Credit or Prepaid Cards: Visa and MasterCard

First things first, our general limits are: minimum deposit is £5, or maximum £5,000, but this may vary slightly depending on your deposit method.


E-Wallets are on the rise in popularity and for a good reason, they are safe, easily accessible, offer low cost or free transactions, and allow you to store all your banking info/ different cards under one system, which is hugely convenient. E-Wallets are Internet based and we use two different types, both of which are the most popular for casino use:


Skrill is a UK based E-Wallet that was founded in 2001, it has been ranked as one of the fastest growing E-Wallets by The Sunday Times, with over 36 million users and thousands of customers enjoy using it daily. They are a world leader in global payment solutions and a casino and customer top choice. The advantages of using Skrill are:

  • Instantaneous deposits.
  • Supported by both mobile and desktop use.
  • Minimum of £20, maximum £5,000.
  • Safe and Secure- 2 step verification available.
  • Skrill 1-Tap- single click payments.

A major disadvantage of using Skrill is that they do not accept credit cards, whilst this will help you gamble within your budget, it can be seen as a drawback.


A little bit older than Skrill, NETeller was founded in 1999 and has millions of users, and it offers similar advantages to Skrill, operating in much the same way.

  • Instantaneous deposits.
  • Known for great customer service.
  • Minimum of £20, maximum £5,000.
  • Safe and Secure- 2 step verification available.
  • Mobile and desktop ready.

Both NETeller and Skrill are known for their safety, security and commitments to using the latest anti-fraud and security features, but we know not everyone is comfortable using E-Wallets, so we also offer more traditional debit and credit card options.

Debit and Credit Cards

Debit and credit cards provide an easy and secure deposit method for our customers. They are one of the most reputed and best-known ways to transfer money online. They also offer lower limits than E-Wallets, in that you can make deposits from as little as £5. You must ensure that the card you use matches the name on your SportPesa account and you will be asked for your CVV code each time you deposit and you may also be asked to complete a 3DSecure questionnaire. We offer both Visa and MasterCard. Visa is a little more widely used than MasterCard, but the differences are minimal.

  • Fast, secure payments and traditional.
  • Lower limits than E-Wallets.
  • Debit card deposits free of charge.

Payments using debit and credit cards can be a little slower than using an E-Wallet (especially when it comes to withdrawals) and the additional details required can also slow the process down somewhat, you’ll also need your bank card every time you top up, but they offer more in the way of traditional security that can ease players comfort.

Overall debit and credit cards offer speed, simplicity and availability, which makes them a top payment method and whilst E-Wallets are faster still, not all players are comfortable using them. The lower deposit rates offered by Visa and MasterCard offer more flexibility for you, so it really depends on how comfortable you are with the method you use and your budget. You should be aware that your withdrawal and deposit method must be the same, so if you use a Visa card to deposit, you must withdraw using said Visa card, which may be a big factor in choosing your deposit method. Make sure you check out our T&C’s before depositing and if you still have any queries contact our customer support team.

A prepaid Visa or MasterCard is a temporary card that you buy and preload with a balance to use straight away. You can use it exactly the same as your debit or credit card, as prepaid cards use Visa and MasterCard as the service provider, but you will be restricted to the loaded balance.

How to Make a Deposit


When you’ve picked the payment method you are most comfortable with, making a deposit is easy, simply login to your SportPesa account, click deposit and follow the instruction on the form to process your payment.


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